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K/814 - Assign a costing key for legal valuation - K/ 814

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The assignment tables maintained using the functions

"Assign costing key to product"

"Assign costing key to material type"

are only read for valuating line items from the legal view. Consequently, here you can only assign costing keys that are allowed for valuation from the legal viewpoint.

For a costing key to be used for legal valuation in CO-PA, it must be assigned to a costing variant that belongs to a costing type in Product Cost Controlling with either the legal or the group valuation view.

The costing key you specified, , is assigned to costing variant. This costing variant is assigned to costing type.

The system determined that costing type has been defined in Customizing for Product Cost Controlling for the profit center valuation view.

System Response

You cannot use costing key .


Assign a costing key that contains a costing type for the legal view or the group view.

To set up valuation of CO-PA line items from a profit center viewpoint, use the function Flexible Assignment of Costing Keys

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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