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K4017 - Overlapping Cost elem. Grp Str. &1 Value fld ass. &2 and &3 in CO area &4 - K4 017

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The cost element groups you entered for PA settlement assignments and in structure for controlling area contain intervals which overlap. This is not permitted.

The intervals specified in the cost element groups must be unique for each variance category. This means, of course, that different variance categories may contain the same cost elements.

If the PA settlement assignment contains only one cost element group but no variance categories, then this cost element group is valid for all variance categories.

System Response

If you are in the maintenance for the PA Transfer structure, this is only a warning that you can skip by choosing "Enter", to make the necessary corrections.

Caution: If this message is issued during saving, the data is not saved until you have corrected the error.


Remove the overlaps by

  • entering different cost element groups
  • removing the cost elements that appear twice from the cost element groups you entered.

By double clicking or choosing the display icon next to the cost element group you can display the cost element interval for the cost element group you entered.

Choose Extras→Cost_element_group→Change you can change the group you entered. Position your cursor on the group you want to change.

If you want to create a new cost element group, enter a group that has not yet been created and choose "Enter".

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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