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K4018 - You cannot save because there are cost element groups which overlap - K4 018

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Before saving, the system checks whether the cost element groups in the PA settlement assignments overlap. Your structure contains overlaps. This is not permitted since there can be no guarantee that the cost element assignment is unambiguous.

The intervals specified in the cost element groups must be unique for each variance category. This means, of course, that different variance categories may contain the same cost elements.

If the PA settlement assignment contains only one cost element group but no variance categories, then this cost element group is valid for all variance categories.

System Response

You cannot save your data.


Remove the overlaps.

To do this, select the function Edit → Check. The system displays the PA assignments where overlaps were found.

You can remove these overlaps by changing the cost element groups or by removing the offending cost elements from the cost element groups you entered.

Using the function Goto → Process group you can display the cost element intervals for the group you entered.

Using Goto → Create group you can create a new group.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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