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KB502 - Statistical key figures of different types cannot be added together - KB 502

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You have tried to add together statistical key figures of different types. Fixed value key figures, such as employees, cannot be added cumulatively over the fiscal year. Other statistical key figures, such as telephone units, are added to form a total for the year. If only one of these key figure types exist, you can create a total for the year provided the units are the same.

System Response


Since you cannot create a total in this report, you must suppress totalsformation for statistical key figures.

There are two ways to do so.

  1. Change the definition of the report. In the "Environment" menu, use the function "Define reports". Here you must select "Report" and then "Change". You can now access the the row definition directly. You suppress totals formation for rows with statistical key figures. To do so, set the totals level to 1-.
  2. In general set maintenance, you can delimit the row with the statistical key figure. Instead of the definition "Display all stat. key figures", you can change the definition to "Display statistical key figures Employees 1 and Employees 2". Totalling then takes place through these two key figures only. The definition in general set maintenance must afterwards be assigned to the report.

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