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KD100 - Enter a percentage, equivalence number, or amount - KD 100

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You have entered at least one distribution rule which contains neither a percentage nor an equivalence number nor an amount.

System Response


For each distribution rule, you must enter either a percentage, an equivalence number or an amount.

Alternatively, and depending on the situation and how you want the system to behave, one of the following is possible or required:

  • You want to enter the percentage, equivalence number or amount later.
You can ignore this warning. However, you should check that the appropriate values are entered before settlement.
  • You want to enter a percentage, an equivalence number, or an amount. However, the relevant field will not accept input, or is not displayed.
Go to the settlement profile you are using and check that one of "Percentage settlement", "Equivalence numbers", or "Amount settlement" has been switched on. You can find out which settlement profile you are using from the "Parameters" section of the screen in settlement rule maintenance.
(Press F5 to proceed to customizing.)
  • You receive this message other than in settlement rule maintenance - for example, when saving an order or a WBS element.
Go to settlement rule maintenance and check the individual distribution rules.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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