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Only once you have read the following text should you decide whether you really want to save the data structures for "".

For a detailed description of the process, see the section Maintain Operating Concern.

You have deleted characteristics or value fields from operating concern "". However, this operating concern already contains data.

With some database systems, it is necessary to convert the database tables for the operating concern. Depending on the data volume, conversion can take a matter of seconds or several hours. During the conversion time, no data can be posted and reports cannot be run. Due to the integration, other applications are also affected when data is posted with an assignment to profitability segments (such as orders and document entry in FI). Note that, after the operating concern has been transported into another system (such as your production system), the database conversion is then necessary in the target system as well.

Once the data structures have been saved, the operating concern is no longer active. It can only be used again after the database has been converted.

Depending on the fields that were deleted, the following tables are converted:

  • Characteristics: CE1, CE2, CE4, CE4_KENC, and CE4_ACCT
  • Amount fields: CE1, CE2, and CE3
  • Quantity field: CE1, CE2, CE3, CE4, CE4_KENC, and CE4_ACCT

During the conversion, a copy of the table is generated. Ensure that sufficient resources are available in your database system. Before deleting fields fron an operating concern with larger data volumes (more than 10,000 records in a table), you should see the section "The Database Utility" in the documentation for the ABAP Dictionary. This is where the procedure for converting databases is described.

If you convert the tables individually, you need to plan the table conversion jobs so that table CE4 is converted after table CE3. During conversion, no further changes may be made to the data structures for operating concern "". After a successful conversion, the tables have the status "active". To check the status, use the "Status" function in transaction KEA0.

You also need to plan for extra time to activate the tables in the operating concern for database systems that do not need to undergo a conversion.

If the operating concern has already been set up as productive, characteristics and value fields should only be deleted after consulting your system administrator.

The environment for the operating concern then needs to be generated. Once this has been done, the operating concern can then be used again.

Notes on transporting

If the operating concern is to be transported to a system that already contains the old version, proceed as follows:

  • Transport all Customizing requests with objects for operating concern "".
  • In a separate transport request, transport all reports, forms, key figure schemes, and planning layouts from which the deleted fields have been removed. If you have deleted steps or rules from the derivation strategy or from other strategies (such as planning), then you should transport the whole strategy ( Extras -> Transport). As a general rule, you should check whether a manual transport option is available if the maintenance transaction does not have an automatic transport connection. If there is no manual transport option, then you should transport the objects using the IMG transaction Transport.
  • In the target system, use the where-used list (which you can access from Customizing by choosing Tools -> Analysis -> Check Customizing Settings) to check whether the deleted characteristics and value fields are still used anywhere. If any deleted fields need to be removed from objects, you can do so using the appropriate maintenance transaction. You can access this transaction from the where-used list by double-clicking.
  • The changed data structures for the operating concern can only be imported to the target system once there are no more references to the deleted fields in that system.

System Response


Decide whether the fields from operating concern "" really need to be deleted.

  • Choose "Save" if your changes to the operating concern are to be saved.
  • Choose "Activate" if your changes to the operating concern are to be saved and the changed data structures are to be reactivated.
  • If you do not wish to copy the changes to the operating concern, choose "Cancel". If you then leave the "Edit Data Structure" screen by choosing "Back", "Exit" or "Cancel", the operating concern is reset to its original status.

Procedure for System Administration

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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