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A new mode has been opened to execute a report. The data that was changed or created in the current transaction has been copied to the new mode. You can enter any report name in that mode and execute the report.

Alongside the normal data, the report also displays the data that was changed in the current transaction. The report then handles the additional data as if it had already been posted.


When selecting a report, you should note the following:

  • Use a report with which any modified data can be displayed.
    If, for example, you entered plannng data for customer 4711, but the report that is started is restricted to customer 007, the changes made in planning are not obviously not shown in the report.
  • Use a report for which you have selected the "Current data" indicator in report definition under "Options" in the "Performance" block.
    The additional data will not be shown if frozen report data or summarization data are read without the current data.

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