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CPA58EA - Line &23 failed while attached to network interface &30. Potential cabling problem. (C G R) ( OS/400 )

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Message : CPA58EA
Line &23 failed while attached to network interface &30. Potential cabling problem. (C G R)

Message Long Text :

Cause . . . . . : The local system has detected a loss of signal from the network on network interface &30. This situation resulted in the failure of line &23. The probable causes are:
-- A network or external devices problem.
-- A cabling problem.
-- The network type (NETTYPE) parameter is not set correctly in network interface &30.
Recovery . . . : Do one or more of the following:
-- Verify that the network and external devices are operational.
-- Ensure that the local system is properly cabled to the network.
-- Use the Work with Network Interface Description (WRKNWID) command to ensure that the value specified for the NETTYPE parameter is correct.
Reply to the message.
If the problem continues, press F14 to run problem analysis.
Possible choices for replying to message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :
C -- Cancel recovery and inform any applications and subsystems that are waiting for an operation that the recovery has been canceled.
G -- Start the automatic communications recovery again as defined by the communications recovery limit (CMNRCYLMT) configured for line &23.
R -- Try again one more time.
Technical description . . . . . . . . : The error log identifier is &22. The error code is &40, and has the following meaning:
44001F07 - A loss of the power source 1 (PS1) signal was detected.
44001F08 - A loss of layer 1 synchronization was detected.

Message File : QCPFMSG
Library Message File : QSYS2924

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This documentation is copyright by IBM.

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