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VHUAP243 - The HU quantity exceeds the quantity of the delivery item - VHUAP 243

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The material quantity of the HU assigned to the delivery is larger than the material quantity of the delivery item.

System Response

Under certain conditions, it is possible to add items to the delivery.

In the case of JIT and in connection with storage locations that are managed with Full-WM, however, this is generally not possible.


You have the following options:

  • Assign a different HU with a material quantity that is less than or equal to the material quantity of the delivery item to the delivery.
  • Increase the delivery item quantity and repeat the assignment.
  • Call transaction VL10HU and activate the indicator Increase Delivery Quantity in the user role Deliver Handling Units (VLHU). In doing so, the material quantity can be automatically increased for the delivery item.

Procedure for System Administration

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