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VL876 - Number of processed schedule lines with delivery block - VL 876

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Schedule lines with delivery block

Schedule lines which are blocked for delivery are refused for delivery. If complete delivery is required, the order referred to is not delivered


You should ensure that schedule lines blocked for delivery do not create an entry in the delivery due index. Note that you can then no longer use transaction V.14 (display sales orders blocked for delivery).

Requirements for creating a work list
The creation of an index for a blocked schedule line can be avoided with the following line in the user condition routine:
e.g. when using routine 104.


For additional documentation on the differences of a delivery block in the order header and in a schedule line, see SAP note 42150 (OSS system).

Regarding the required coding segment, see SAP note 44052 (OSS system).

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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