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VL896 - Item & cannot be deleted (revenue recognition status) - VL 896

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The delivery or delivery item cannot be deleted.

System Response

The document cannot be deleted since the delivery contains items that reference sales document items that are relevant for revenue recognition. When the goods issue was posted, the system created revenue lines that had already been recognized. This means that there are subsequent documents in revenue recognition for this delivery.


If you no longer require the delivery or delivery item for deletion, set the delivery quantities to zero and repost the goods issue. Make sure that the quantity zero is allowed in Customizing for the delivery item category. When the goods issue is posted, the overall processing status is set to C and the delivery can be archived. Message determination should be configured not to send any messages in this case. To make sure that the system makes revenue corrections if there are differences between billed and recognized values, set a billing-relevant rejection reason in the sales document item if more than one partial delivery is allowed.

If you still want to use the delivery, adjust the delivery quantities accordingly. Alternatively, deliver the referencing sales document item again. Note that the sales document item cannot be delivered again if only a partial delivery is allowed.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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