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VSB235 - Error in IDoc inbound processing - VSB 235

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An error occurred during inbound processing of the IDoc for credit memo processing that means the IDoc cannot be transferred in the intended transmission.

The error code that occurred is .

The error code has the following meaning:

1 - A problem occurred during the update of a datebase table

2 - A function module was called with invalid parameter(s)

3 - Transmission is blocked by another user/process

4 - An internal transmission number could not be determined

5 - An other error occurred

System Response

The IDoc ends in status 51.


Eliminate the cause of the error, and start the IDoc processing for the IDoc that was interrupted again.

For error codes 1,2 or 5, refer to SAP to eliminate the error.

For error code 3, you have to wait until the other user or process released the transmission. If the IDoc is then processed again (for example, using transaction BD87), it should be included in the respective transmission.

For error code 4, you will find the cause via the status records for the IDoc.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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