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VSCE393 - Warning for reference characteristic &1 due to cause &2 (see long text) - VSCE 393

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The system found an incorrect or incorrectly used reference characteristic in the knowledge base.


  • 1: Characteristic for variant conditions is not multi-value.
  • 2: There is already another characteristic that refers to the same table field.
  • 3: The modeler did not use the characteristic in classes or in dependencies, but the characteristic is required for processing in SCE (for example, condition characteristic for derivation of 1:1 variant conditions).

System Response


  • 1: The characteristic is treated as a multi-value characteristic in the SCE knowledge base.
  • 2: Generation of the knowledge base is canceled.
  • 3: The characteristic is automatically copied by the knowledge base generation.



  • 1: Define the characteristic for the variant condition as a multi- value characteristic.
  • 2: Ensure that there is a maximum of one object characteristic for each reference field (table field) in the knowledge base.

Procedure for System Administration

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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