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WU329 - Material: & Un: & Plant: & -> item category does not match supply source - WU 329

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During supply source determination, the material named in the message, in the plant named in the message, is assigned a source of supply which does not match the item category of the material.

In the allocation table, the item category of the material controls how the material is procured and delivered to the plants.


  • Procurement from an external vendor and delivery via a distribution center
  • Order placed with external vendor for direct delivery by the vendor
  • Delivery from the distribution center without external procurement

Different item categories may also be needed to differentiate between the type of delivery document for deliveries from the distribution center (e.g. stock transport order, delivery without purchase order).

Depending on the item category, selection of a vendor is limited. For example, a distribution center cannot be entered as the source of supply if the item category is 'third-party delivery'.

System Response

The allocation table cannot be generated for the material named in the message in the unit of measure named in the message.


Change the item category in the overview screen, or change the sources of supply for each plant in supply source determination (subsequent processing).

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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