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WV613 - Number of changeover items has been reduced to &1. - WV 613

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For reasons of performance, you can specify the maximum number of hits when accessing the conversion table in the Euro Workbench. When you first go into the Euro Workbench, only 200 records are selected. You can, however, change the maximum number of hits in the Workbench. If you select "Refresh", a new selection is performed, taking the current maximum number of hits into account.

A maximum number of hits is currently selected. The total number of conversion items displayed in the Euro Workbench (here, ) can differ from the maximum number of hits (here, ).

  • The total number of items displayed is higher than the maximum number of hits:
If the user is, for example, entered as both an agent and a coordinator in a record in the conversion table, this is counted twice for the displayed item. The reason for this is that the user has to perform activities for both roles.
  • The total number of displayed items is lower than the maximum number of hits:
Items with status "D" are only taken into account by the display function in certain circumstances, but still have to be read from the database.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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