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WXP301 - Number range for info structure libraries is exceeded - WXP 301

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Libraries are used for storing planning layout data internally. The library name is automatically assigned in the background to each info structure when a planning layout is created for the first time for a new info structure.

Only a limited number area is available for assigning a library to the application. The available number area has already been exhausted.

It is no longer possible to assign new library name for more info structures. Furthermore, it is no longer possible to enter new planning layouts for a planning step that links to the relevant info strucute (database table).

System Response


Contact your system administrator.

Procedure for System Administration

Note, that the following information is only intended for system administrators.

  • Check if all info structure for which planning layout have been created are really required.
  • Delete any info structures that are no longer required.
  • Then delete the relevant entry for the info structure from table TWISPS01 (info structure/library assignment).
  • The newly-released library is then assigned once more to another info structure.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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