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XC302 - &1: Active integration models still exist for inspection lots - XC 302

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In CIF Customizing for system , you have chosen the setting Always transfer quality inspection stock.

For each SAP APO target system, you can make one of the following settings in CIF Customizing:

  • Always transfer quality inspection stock.
  • Transfer inspection lots if the inspection setup in the material master includes the generation of inspection lots relevant to stock. In contrast to quality inspection stock, inspection lots have a planned receipt date.

The system has found at least one active integration model for inspection lots (model ). The setting you have chosen contradicts the fact that active integration models exist for inspection lots in system , and this could lead to data inconsistencies. The same quantity could appear in the system as stock and as an inspection lot.

System Response

The Always transfer quality inspection stock setting is blocked.


If you want to maintain quality inspection stock in SAP APO instead of inspection lots, you must first deactivate all active integration models for inspection lots and then change the Customizing settings.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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