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/BA1/F4_FX087 - Entry &1 is too long; enter the data in the format &3&2 or &4&2 - /BA1/F4_FX 087

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Your entry does not match the specified input template. It contains too many characters.

System Response

The entry in this field is rejected.


Edit your entry so that it corresponds to the "N" template. "N" represents the quotation type of the exchange rate.

The following entries for "N" are permitted in your system setup:

"": Exchange rate is directly quoted.

(One unit of the foreign currency costs the specified number of local currency units.)

"": Exchange rate is indirectly quoted.

(For one unit of your local currency, you receive the specified number of foreign currency units.)

"9" refers to numeric characters (0-9), while "." and "," are decimal points or thousand separators. The thousand separator does not have to be entered. The decimal point only has to be entered if the exchange rate has decimal places.

Procedure for System Administration

BAL_S_LOG - Application Log: Log header data   CPI1466 during Backup  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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