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/BSNAGT/MESSAGE162 - Ignoring duplicate file name &1&2&3&4 - /BSNAGT/MESSAGE 162

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The Pick-up Filesfunction found a file that has already been processed in the specified directory.

System Response

The file is ignored.


Only put files that have not been processed by the connector already into the Pick-up Directory. If you enter a Target Directory, the Pick-up Filesfunction moves the imported files from the Pick-up Directory to the Target Directory automatically.

Procedure for System Administration

The Pick-up Filesfunction identifies duplicate files as follows:

  • For Header Data Determined from the File Name:
The header data is determined and then compared to the header data of files that have already been picked-up. The fields MessageType and MessageId are compared.
  • For Fixed Value Header Data:
In this case, the header data can not be compared, therefore, only the file names are compared.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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