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/CWM/QM009 - Tr.posting of inspection lots (par.qty) with negative values not possible - /CWM/QM 009

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The parallel quantity still to be posted for this inspection lot is negative.

For CW materials the parallel quantity can change during the quality check, for example, the weight can increase due to absorption of water. If a usage decision has already been made for a partial quantity of the inspection lot, it is possible that the parallel quantity of the inspection lot still to be posted is negative.

In this case, a transfer posting of the remaining stock to another storage location or to a different plant is not allowed.

System Response


To make a transfer posting for this inspection lot possible, you have to carry out an inventory of the stock in quality inspection. This inventory is made at inspection lot level, so that the inspection lot has positive quantities after the inventory.

Procedure for System Administration

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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