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/DSD/SL_FSR043 - The Customizing data for updating the sales activity result is missing - /DSD/SL_FSR 043

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  • Tour ID: ,,,,,,,,,,
  • Visit ID : ,,,,,,,,,,
  • Status of customer transaction: ,,,,,,
  • Reason for unscheduled delivery:,,
  • Area: Delivery/update of a sales activity in the visit list

A sales activity result and result reason is updated in table /DSD/SL_CON_RN with the key terms status of customer transaction and reason for unscheduled delivery. The sales activity is updated with this sales activity result. No entry with the values listed above was found in the table.

System Response

The corresponding data is not processed.


Maintain the appropriate settings in Customizing under

Pflegen Sie im Customizing unter Logistics Execution → DSD Route accounting → Route Settlement → Assign Allowed Sales Activity Results to Cust. Trans. Status.

Procedure for System Administration

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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