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Due to license issues this service is no longer available.

Aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen ist dieser Service nicht länger verfügbar.

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An IDES system offers a quick and easy way to discover the world of SAP ERP E-business solutions. Everyone can make test runs with IDES and experience the benefits of an integrated, role-specific environment for themselves at first hand.

IDES systems are pre-configured installations of SAP components containing the data and business processes of a fictitious company. These systems are used for SAP training throughout the world and provide the ideal way of transferring know-how at all levels – for consultants, project managers and system users.

... conveniently and free of charge with consolut

consolut provides an IDES environment of this type at During your free-of-charge online tour through the SAP ERP world, you will experience typical business processes in the consumer goods, machinery and service sectors.

As we would like to offer you as many functions as possible, access authorizations are very comprehensive. In the interest of all users, we appeal to your fairness and ask you not to make excessive use of these authorizations.

How to obtain an user profile for the SAP IDES system ?

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We will create a user profile for you and send you your password as soon as possible. Please use a mail address where you can actually be reached as it is sometimes necessary to lock out a user for licence reasons. We can then send a new password to your email address.

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