OS/400 Messages

Are you looking for the description of OS/400 (System i) messages e.g. CPF9801? Then you have come to the right place. Below you can see a (hoefully) complete list of of all OS/400 messages with all "second level texts".

Complete OS/400 Messages Documentation From OFC848B up to PEX1005

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OS/400 Messages
Option not allowed while in headers, footers, or footnotes.
This instruction should not be changed.
Graphic name is required.
Graphics data file name is required.
No records selected for query.
Document containing Query data is full.
Error occurred in Query. Reason &9.
Cannot copy more than 32,767 lines at a time.
Operation not allowed in keyboard change.
Keyboard change, begin symbol.
Keyboard change, end symbol.
Block must include both keyboard change codes.
Cannot insert text in keyboard change.
Cannot insert symbols outside keyboard change.
Press Enter to delete mail entry; F8 to not delete.
Press F8 to end cursor draw or erase.
Function not supported.
Cannot cursor draw past right margin
Mid line pitch change not allowed.
Get not allowed for member &3.
Cannot convert member &3.
Cursor position not allowed as target for Get.
Pages cannot be specified for split edit.
Page number &6 is incorrect.
Page &6 not found.
Range of pages specified incorrectly.
Cannot specify both document and file name.
File specified is not source file.
Unsupported characters found in ASCII file.
Cannot convert PC file in document &1.
Cannot specify pages.
Cannot perform option; document is incomplete.
Not authorized to this entry.
Option not performed; documents no longer on queue.
Print queue entry not available at this time.
Documents held.
Documents released.
Documents deleted.
Print information changed.
Change request was not successful.
Cannot change job queue entries.
No documents were processed
Print request was placed on the job queue.
Page &6 not found; if deleted, see printed copy.
Value must be section, page, or help label.
From must be section, page, or TOC.
To value must be section number or page number.
To page not allowed when From page is TOC.
FROM page is greater than TO page.
Document print has been scheduled.
TASKMENU label was not found.
Section number was not found.
Page up not allowed on the first page.
Page down not allowed on the last page.
No previous position.
Page not in document.
Help document opened at a bookmark.
An error occurred printing the help document.
Referenced help document is not available now.
The help document could not be opened.
Help document &1 is not resolved.
Document interchange session not started.
Not found, correct and press Enter.
Not authorized to dictionary.
Both spell and grade level checking selected.
Dictionary name is required.
Duplicate entry found.
Dictionary or library name is incorrect.
Library must be blanks when using *USERID.
Through page cannot be less than first page of document.
Error marks not found from cursor to end.
Maximum of 8 dictionaries reached.
The user dictionary &9 does not exist
Word will not be added to the permanent dictionary
User dictionary &9 is included for spell functions.
A dictionary is required but no default could be found.
The dictionary &9 was selected as a default.
Spelling environment not available.
Error code &2 returned for spelling function.
Cannot copy remote document list.
Document not graph or image.
Data name must be specified.
Type must be &9 or &10.
Data &9 does not exist.
Display terminal does not have graphics ability.
PC Text-assist function required to view image.
Graphic data stream not valid.
Graphic area not filled in.
Cannot install graphics support.
Cannot install image support.
Graphic contains data that cannot be processed.
Cursor must be on the first line of a table.
More than 48 columns. Last columns removed.
Table has 48 columns. Column insert canceled.
Left margin must be between 1 and 254.
Right margin must be between 2 and 255.
Left margin value is too large.
Columns do not fit within the margins.
No column exists here.
Column insert canceled. Column cannot be deleted.
Column insert canceled. New column not defined.
Column insert canceled.
Move cursor to end of table and press Enter.
Target is not the first line of a table.
A table follows. Tabs should not be changed.
Verify or change column definitions. Press Enter.
End table instruction.
Move column canceled. 48 columns exist.
Copy column canceled. 48 columns exist.
Column adjustment complete.
Function not allowed when cursor at page end.
Side reference area not supported with wide columns.
End of table location not correct.
Begin table instruction.
Search characters found.
Characters not found from cursor to end.
Search/Replace changed &9 phrases.
Press Enter to replace or F8 to not replace.
Cannot complete Replace.
Cursor is past end of search area.
No phrases found for Search/Replace.
Special characters changed in Search string.
Search characters required.
Instruction not found from cursor to end.
Too many search characters.
Press Enter to continue or F8 to cancel.
Replace characters required.
Characters found cannot be replaced.
Variable name is required.
Select typestyle or leave blank.
Specified file ID is not permitted.
Floating currency symbol not allowed.
First and last character must be an apostrophe.
Test value must be numeric for variable.
At least one character is required between apostrophes.
Pitch change is not allowed.
Maximum of 31 decimal positions allowed.
Apostrophes (') required around non-numeric test value.
Graphic name &9 incorrect.
Graphic not stored.
Graphic &9 is not stored in document.
Field name &9 is not correct with *NOTE.
Column list is required with *NOTE.
Graphic name exists, press Enter to replace.
Nontext document data type does not match specified type.
Instruction has errors.
Instruction is not correct.
Heading levels not allowed with descriptor.
Reference not allowed with entry descriptor.
Reference not allowed for major level entry.
Heading levels not allowed with reference entry type.
Second separator must be None for julian date.
Folder name not allowed with *REPLY or *FORWARD.
Too many apostrophes used.
Footnotes must be entered on the Footnote display.
File name overridden; request failed.
Overflow value too small; request failed.
File type is incorrect; request failed.
F15 allowed only when Field source is Merge data options.
File ID &5 is incorrect.
Both starting and ending positions must be specified.
Not valid with nonnumeric constants.
Apostrophes required with nonnumeric constants.
Value not correct.
Already at top of area.
Already at bottom of area.
Test value &9 not correct.
Values do not match.
Ending position cannot be less than starting position.
Text to be sorted cannot contain formatted text.
Sort failed.
Text must be on one page to sort.
Value has more than maximum number of digits.
Starting and ending positions must be within margins.
Error found while processing prompt request.
Command cutoff.
Too many apostrophes specified on command prompt.
Pages to include variable not correct.
Field source not valid with *FIRST or *LAST.
An entry is required
Only 48 tabs are allowed.
At least one position required between tabs.
After typing text, press F3 to save.
Only one new left margin (<) is allowed.
Only one new right margin (>) is allowed.
Left margin (<) is required.
Right margin (>) is required.
Tab character &9 not allowed.
Both sources must be drawer, manual or continuous.
Left margin (<) must be before right margin (>).
Last typing line must be after first typing line.
Tab &1 is in conflict with Tab &2.
Tab and margin are in conflict.
First typing line and header overlap.
Last typing line and footer overlap.
Paper length is not correct.
Paper width is not correct.
Maximum number of format changes has been reached.
Nearest supported value is &9; press Enter.
Warning: Right margin is set beyond paper edge.
All pages have headers, continue to replace.
Even/odd header already exists, continue to replace.
All page footer already exists, continue to replace.
Even/odd footer already exists, continue to replace.
After typing text, press F3/F12 to save.
Typestyle and Font size not compatible.
Font size not allowed for typestyle.
Margins and tabs were adjusted for new pitch.
Some tab(s) were removed.
Auto adjust change affects document format also.
New pitch caused margins which are not valid.
No formats found for Search/Replace.
Search/Replace changed &9 formats.
Incorrect choice; press Help to view choices.
Incorrect value; press Help for possible values.
Search/Replace not allowed while changing format.
Font Size may cause text to overlap.
Label length is not correct.
Number of lines specified is not valid.
No form fields found in document.
Maximum form field entries exceeded.
Database file has been updated.
Records of type RANGE (R) for form field identifier &1 not found.
Unexpected return code &1 received from program &2 in &3.
Records of type VALUE (V) for form field identifier &1 not found.
Internal processing failure.
Program &1 in library &2 not found.
Not authorized to program &1 in library &2 for form field id &3.
You can only select one item.
Initial value too long.
Request not allowed with current numeric data choice.
Form field identifier is required for validity checking.
Decimal positions must be less than field length.
Incorrect value; maximum value for a numeric field is 31.
Field identifier &1 not found in document &2.
Field identifier &1 was truncated in document &2.
Not all form fields on screen are input capable.
Cursor must be in a form field.
Internal failure occurred during validity checking.
Required field has no input.
Value entered is not valid.
Form field data not output.
Edited value too large for form field.
Only numeric data allowed.
Decimal position not correct.
Field prompting not available.
No form fields found after cursor position.
No form fields found before cursor position.
Internal failure occurred during prompting.
Error occurred during print processing.
Form was successfully sent.
Error encountered while sending form.
Error encountered during document type selection.
Text extends beyond the right margin.
Printer ID selected is not correct.
Selected printer not available now.
Selected printer not supported.
The PCS Organizer session was not established.
Cannot print PC data or DW 4 (RFT) document.
Selected printer cannot be allocated.
Document is not filed in a folder.
Additional page ranges exist. Press F18 to change.
End Page cannot be less than Start Page.
Cannot place on job queue if not saving changes.
Cannot save output in document being printed.
Press Enter to replace document.
Characters per inch must be 10 or 15.
A PC Support Organizer load error occurred.
Value specified for PAGERANGE parameter not valid.
File does not exist.
Cannot put job on the job queue.
Query name &9 is not correct.
Spooling is not active, cannot release output.
No output exists for user &9.
Only one form type allowed when not spooling.
Cannot delay output when spooling is not active.
Printer for large print is not correct.
Cannot delay alternate character printing.
Printer for double sided printing in not correct.
Specified query &9 was not found.
Work document for output was not created.
Work file for output was not created.
Output file member is in use.
Not authorized to output disk file or library.
Output disk file member could not be opened.
File name is not correct.
You must use DBCS printer to print document.
Incorrect character set ID specified.
Member type not allowed in specified library.
Error encountered while printing document.
Member is not a document output file member.
Folder does not exist.
Specified library was not found.
&1 print submitted.
Document &1 saved in folder.
&1 saved and print submitted.
Document &1 print placed on job queue.
Document saved and print placed on job queue.
Error page of document &1 printed.
Merge into &1 is complete.
Document &1 print scheduled.
Cannot release output with user ID of &9.
Could not allocate object.
Specified file &5 is not a printer file.
Releasing output caused an error.
Output queue name &9 is incorrect.
Job description name &9 is incorrect.
Output file name &9 is incorrect.
Printer file name &9 is incorrect.
Document &1 print placed on job queue.
Job has been canceled because of error.
Document needs to be recovered.
Job queue name &9 is incorrect.
User ID &9 is incorrect.
Not enough storage to own output disk file member.
Cannot find create file or member objects.
Cannot create output disk file member.
Cannot create output disk file or member.
The output disk file library was not found.
Cannot access disk file member data.
Not authorized to output disk file library.
Not authorized to output disk file member.
Could not access the output disk file.
Could not access the output disk file member.
Not authorized to the output disk file.
Error occurred during outfile processing.
Outfile has been created.
OfficeVision for AS/400 editor is not available to resolve to a display.
Cannot paginate on job queue if not saving changes.
The request to paginate document &1 was placed on job queue.
&1 paginate on job queue, saved, printed.
Document &1 paginated.
Cannot place on job queue if paginate on job queue.
Document needs to be recovered.
Month must be a number from 1 to 12.
Day is not correct for month entered.
Date must be 3 sets of numbers with separators.
Column edit changes unrecoverable.
Keyword(s) contains separator character
Copy list entry contains separator character
Create is not allowed after first row of list.
Document names are not correct.
Folder names are not correct.
Copy from document must be a different document.
Both from document and from folder must be specified.
Specified prompt not correct with MRGTYPE(*QRY).
The folder name cannot be changed when option(s) are selected.
Cannot select items when changing folder name.
F10 is not allowed when documents are selected.
Specified prompt not correct with MRGTYPE(*FILE).
No document folders are within the list.
Specify folder name and option or select from list.
Specify document name and option from list.
No documents are within the list.
Already at bottom of list.
Printer is not available.
Error occurred while printing list.
List has printed.
The previously shown document was sent.
Remove &9 selections.
The previously shown document was filed.
Specified prompt not correct with MRGTYPE(*DOC).
Nontext data name is not correct.
Folder does not exist; press Enter to create.
Cannot select when changing folder name.
Prompt required with MRGTYPE(*QRY) missing.
Specify document, nontext data and option from list.
No nontext document data is within the list.
Nontext document data name &9 is not correct.
Nontext document data &9 not found.
Nontext document data &9 already exists.
Graphic &9 copied successfully.
Not allowed to use specified query library.
Prompts required with MRGTYPE(*DOC) missing.
Prompts required with MRGTYPE(*FILE) missing.
Already at top of list.
The previous note was sent.
The last document selected was forwarded.
The previous note was saved.
Document &1 spell check placed on job queue.
CHKDOC of &1 is complete.
Document created on
Month and day values are not correct.
Year value is not correct.
Year and day values are not correct.
Year and month values are not correct.
Year, month, and day values are not correct.
Keywords too long.
Too many keywords specified.
Incorrect character in keyword.
First or last keyword list character is incorrect.
Document &1 is final form.
Folder path is too long.
No previous level folders exist for folder.
Cannot select next level when using other options.
Cannot use F13 when options are selected.
Help text label not found.
Document is not final form.
Help tag label name is not correct.
F4 is not allowed when documents are selected.
Journal is in use.
Folder &2 not created.
Form folder name required.
Form document name required.
Both EXITPNL and ALWRFSH not allowed with FORMDOC.
Prompts required with MRGTYPE(*RECORD) missing.
JOBQ(*YES) not allowed with DSPOPT(*EDIT, *VIEW, or *FILLFORM).
OPTIONS(*YES) not allowed with MRGTYPE(*RECORD).
OPTIONS(*YES) not allowed with DSPOPT(*EDIT, *VIEW, or *FILLFORM).
OUTFILE name required.
Current user will be treated as non-OfficeVision for OS/400 user.
Current user will be treated as non-OfficeVision for OS/400 user.
Some document details may not be displayed correctly.
Some document details and functions are unavailable.
Folder directory is full.
Cannot specify both document type and a document to copy.
Document type &1 not found.
New folder name is not secure.
Delete folder failed.
Folder created.
Document or folder is in a partially created state.
Special Characters
See Also
No pages existed within the range specified.
Fill-in document &1 could not be opened.
Adjust line and page endings placed on job queue.
Printer file or printer file library was not found.
Output queue or output queue library not found.
Not authorized to use printer file or library.
Not authorized to use output queue or library.
Could not open the output queue.
Could not open the output device.
Table of Contents
Could not open the output file.
Error log and document form type must be alike.
Opened print file name not same as requested print file name.
&1 is the resolved output file name for the print options function.
&1 key was pressed by the user to end the PRTDOC function.
Document &1 could not be opened.
Folder could not be opened.
Output file name is required.
Required parameters for RTVDOC are missing.
No documents were selected for printing.
Document &1 does not have selected status.
Error log incorrect with document descriptions only.
Document &1 successfully printed.
&9 documents printed, &10 documents not processed.
Error printing document &1 to a file.
Error converting document &1.
Error converting document &1.
Could not delete document &1 from folder.
Could not update status for document &1.
Folder needs to be reclaimed.
Delete option is incorrect.
Error log option is incorrect.
Text option is incorrect.
Check status option is incorrect.
Folder name is longer than eight characters.
036 Begin Und
034 Begin Bold
038 Begin Und/Bold
003 Carrier Return
010 Center
032 End
001 Half Index Down
009 Half Index Up
028 Instruction
039 Non-Typing Area
006 Req'd Carrier Ret
002 Req'd Tab
012 Page End
096 Required Hyphen
065 Required Space
033 Spelling Mark Begin
202 Syllable Hyphen
005 Tab
031 Req'd Carrier Ret
007 Format Change
026 Prompted Stop Code
030 Stop Code
029 Word Underline
008 Req'd Left Tab
024 Begin Formatted Text
025 End Formatted Text
023 Begin Formatted Text
016 Combined Control
004 Find which character?
002 Move what? Move cursor, press Enter.
001 Copy what? Move cursor, press Enter.
254 Delete what? Move cursor, press Enter
005 Type page/line or menu name, press Enter
006 Find what?
007 Type left column (1-255), press Enter
253 Press Enter for prompt
252 Line contains formatted text.
251 Type symbol number(s); press Enter
Press Enter to delete; F8 to not delete.
To where? Move cursor, press Enter
Press Enter to delete, F8 to not delete.
0001 Keying too fast
0002 Incorrect scan code received from keyboard.
0003 CMD sequence not allowed
0066 SYS REQ sequence not allowed
0023 Character not allowed
0027 Blank key pressed
0029 Diacritic mode error
0070 Word spill/Carrier Return failed
0071 CMD not allowed
0072 Key not allowed
0073 Cannot replace character; use DEL to delete
0074 Key not allowed in prompt
0075 Character not found
0076 Insert failed; Try again
0077 Undefined function key
0078 Format information requested, press Reset
Pronoun Verb Noun Adjective
YN Bottom More.....
Function keys (Press F1-F24, Cmd B-Y, or Alt B-Y)
Adverb Preposition Interjective Conjunction
Chg Document Format Chg Alternate Format Format Change
1 2116211AMPM 21
All printed output Office documents only
Masculine Noun Feminine Noun Verb Pronomial Transitive Verb
Intransitive Verb Plural Noun Aid for Add Word
Fill In Form
Function keys (Press F1-F24)
After typing text, press F3 to save.
Create Document
Revise Document
Revise Final Form
View Document
Viewing Final Form
Create/Revise Header
Create/Revise Footer
Create Footnote
Revise Footnote
Create Note
View Mail
Spell Aid Synonyms
Position cursor, press Enter. Grade Level
F9=Unmark word F12=Cancel F22=Add word F23=Compound word spell aid
Insert slashes (/) for hyphenation points, press Enter.
(No words found)
F9=Accept word
Profile &7 activated.
Profile &7 created.
Profile &7 was revised.
Profile &7 copied.
Profile &7 deleted.
Profile &7 in use.
Profile &7 not found.
Not authorized to profile &7.
Profile &7 already exists.
Profile &7 is not a correct profile name.
Not allowed to delete SYSTEM profile.
Not allowed to create SYSTEM profile.
Not allowed to rename SYSTEM profile.
Not allowed to delete system text profile folder.
Press Enter to delete profile &1.
Profile not found; press Enter for system profile.
Compound word cannot exceed 60 characters.
Word contains incorrect characters.
System page number is required.
Choice is not correct on Footnote Format display.
Page &6 not found.
Page number must be 9000 or larger.
Document &1 not found.
Line contains formatted text.
These text changes will be removed by pagination.
Block must include begin and end formatted text codes.
Cannot insert text within formatted text.
Operation not correct within formatted text.
All footnote pages have been used.
Footnote document has no unused pages.
Document &1 is currently in use.
Not authorized to use document &1.
Folder is required when document is specified.
Cursor must be in document or folder prompt for list.
Function not allowed in current mode.
Leave prompt blank for current document and folder.
Function not allowed from this display station.
Footnote document has no unused pages.
Footnote document has been saved on diskette or tape.
Footnote document &1 needs to be recovered.
All footnote pages have been used.
Value for lines between footnotes is too large.
(Footnote Continued)
Cannot edit page containing multiple column text.
Office services session is already active.
Office services session request failed.
Office services session is not active.
Office services session request is not correct.
Number of bytes provided for the error code is not correct.
Document &1 is in use (C R).
Folder is in use (C R).
Library &4 is in use (C R).
Document &1 is in use (C R).
Document &1 already exists (C R).
Request canceled.
User storage capacity exceeded.
Damaged object found.
Internal error occurred.
An internal error occurred in module &9.
Unknown OTHER Final form text document FFTDCA
Revisable form text document RFTDCA IBM personal computer file PCFILE
IBM S/38 revisable document RFTS38 Reference to hard copy document HARDCOPY
IBM 5520 revisable form text document RFT5520 Word processing EBCDIC text EBCDIC
Word processing information file WRDPRCINFFImage data subset document IMAGE
IBM 3730 text data stream TEXT3730 Document library descriptor document DOCDESCDOC
IBM 3732 display document data stream DATAST3732DIA defined document unit control DOCUNITCTL
IBM 1403 printer compatible data stream PRT1403 Digitized ADS audio (voice) AUDIO
OfficeVision/400 revisable document RFTAS400 OfficeVision/400 final form document FFTAS400
IBM PC revisable document RFTDW ASCII data ASCIIDATA
DCA mixed object document MODCA Search results list document DOCLIST
PC File containing image PCIMAGE Enterprise Meeting Notice EMN
Revisable form text document for FAX RFTDCAFAX DCA mixed object document for FAX MODCAFAX
Tag Image File Format TIFF Encapsulated Postscript PSTSCRIPT
Rich text format RTF Graphic image format file GIF
PC paintbrush format PCX PCS/400 Package File PCSPKG
PC Program PCPGM StarWriter document STARWRITER
5 8.5510 11 12 15 17.113.318 20 27 PSM 25 TYP MONO
Command &1 completed normally.
Command &1 completed normally.
Command &1 completed normally, more information in job log.
Command &1 completed with errors, more information in job log.
Requested optical function failed to complete successfully.
Directory created on optical volume &1.
Rename of volume &1 to &2 completed normally.
Rename of file &1 to &2 completed normally.
Directory deleted from optical volume &1.
Value entered for parameter OUTPUT is not permitted.
File deleted from optical volume &1.
Specified VOL value not allowed with DATA value.
PATH parameter required with specified DATA value.
MLB(*ALL) requires VOL value to be *ALL.
TOVOL(*FROMVOL) cannot be specified with TOPATH(*FROMPATH).
SLTFILE value not allowed for operation.
Value entered not valid for CCSID parameter.
CPYSUBDIR(*YES) not allowed with FROMPATH value.
MLB parameter required.
DEV parameter required.
Specified start time not allowed with FROMTIME(*BEGIN).
DEV parameter required with VOL(*MOUNTED).
Value specified for CSI parameter is not allowed.
VOL parameter required.
PATH parameter required.
Value entered for parameter DIR is not permitted.
Value entered for parameter FILE is not permitted.
Beginning selection is greater then ending selection.
File name
Parameter FROMDEV must be specified.
Parameter TODEV must be specified.
To path not identical to From path.
Specified DEV value not allowed with VOL value.
Value entered for parameter MODEL is not permitted
Value entered for parameter TYPE is not permitted.
File is read only.
File is write only.
Error accessing stream file.
File not found.
Duplicate file or directory name found.
File already exists.
Length beyond end of buffer.
Storage in offline Auxilary Storage Pool (ASP).
Value entered not valid for field 'Release after save'.
File is in use.
File not open or not found.
File is no longer open.
No held files found.
Operation not allowed to file opened for Expanding Buffer I/O.
File name specified is a reserved file name.
Operation is not allowed to the root directory.
Incorrect open information.
Invalid I/O method.
Request failed because number of open files is at the limit.
Request failed because number of open files is at the limit.
Copy append not supported.
Unexpected error occurred during file processing.
Attempted write operation beyond file size limit.
File handle not valid.
File or directory handle is no longer valid.
File pointer position not valid.
File was extended for the write operation.
File was fragmented into multiple extents.
File too fragmented.
Cannot access held optical file.
Range of bytes in file in use.
Unlock range of bytes in file failed.
Directory not found.
Directory already exists.
Directory in use.
Directory cannot be deleted.
File or directory name already exists.
Volume must be specified.
Invalid path name.
Path length exceeds the maximum of 256 bytes.
Value specified is not a held optical file.
Incorrect optical path specified.
Incorrect optical path specified.
Incorrect To path value specified.
Path name not allowed for media format.
Held file released.
Held file saved.
Held file saved and released.
Held file can not be saved.
Held optical file support is not active.
&2 held files released.
&2 held files saved. &3 held files released.
Error saving held optical files.
Error processing directories for optical volume &1.
User space &1 not created in library &2.
File is corrupted.
Active file found on volume &1. (C I).
Active file found on volume &1.
Unable to read volume alias file.
Volume name different in previous release. (C RNM).
Optical volume &1 is read only.
Optical volume &1 is read only.
Initialization of &1 &2% complete.
Duplication of &1 &2% complete.
Check of &1 &2% complete.
Preparation of &1 for duplication &2% complete.
Inventory of library device &1 &2% complete.
Reading directory information for volume &1.
Volume is write protected or read only. (C G)
Optical volume &1 is write protected.
Optical volume name is too long.
Directory name is too long.
File name is too long.
Optical volume &1 in use.
Error occurred processing volume &2. (C G)
Optical volume format not recognized.
Optical volume not found or not useable.
Optical volume &1 not found.
Optical volume not found in device &1.
Volume &1 already initialized.
Media format not allowed on media type.
Operation will result in duplicate volume identifiers.
Operation not supported for library device.
From volume can not equal To volume.
Optical volume &1 not initialized.
THRESHOLD or TEXT can not be specified.
Invalid volume identifier specified.
Incorrect characters in directory name.
Optical file name not valid.
No free space available on media.
Operation not allowed to volume located in a remote optical device.
Renaming a volume is not allowed when the volume is in a remote optical server.
Maximum optical file size exceeded.
Maximum optical file size exceeded.
Write operation failed to optical volume &1.
No free space available on media.
Machine storage limit reached.
Maximum file size exceeded for file system &3.
Media directory corrupted on optical volume &1.
Media not compatible with optical device.
Operation failed due to high system activity.
Operation not supported by this device.
Volume &1 is not a virtual volume.
New volume identifier is not valid.
Optical volume &1 already exists.
Duplicate volume directory has been lost on volume &1.
Volume directory partially updated for optical volume.
Error with virtual volume image.
Volume &2 added to optical device.
&2 volumes added from bulk load magazine for device &1.
Volume &2 removed from optical device.
Optical media was not moved to the input/ouput station.
Operation not allowed to optical volume &2.
A generic or *ALL volume request is not allowed with DATA value.
Directory index not built for optical volume.
Directory index rebuilt for optical volume &1.
Optical volume &1 information removed.
Optical volume &1 is not in an optical device.
Operation not completed, optical volume is not a backup volume.
Operation not completed, optical volume is not a primary volume.
Volume identifier changed.
Operation not allowed to volume with Install or PTF data.
Add optical disk cartridge failed.
Add optical disk cartridge failed to complete successfully.
Remove optical disk cartridge failed to complete successfully.
Initialize or rename of optical volume failed.
Load next volume on optical device &1. (C G)
Load volume &2 on optical device &1. (C G)
Volume &2 on optical device &1 is not initialized (C INZ).
Volume parameter is not permitted for device &1.
Volume name matching pattern not found.
Media format &3 on volume &2 does not support continued files.
Media format or CCSID on volume &2 is different than previous volumes.
Not authorized to initialize volume &2.
Request to reinitialize volume &2 on device &1 is not permitted.
Optical volume is part of a existing volume set.
Volume name list exhausted on device &1. (C G)
Load volume with sequence number &5 on device &1. (C G)
Wrong continuation volume &2 specified for file.
Volume name list exhausted on device &1.
Source and target volumes are in different optical device types.
Optical volume failed to unload.
Load volume with correct starting volume on device &1. (C G)
Load volume with correct continued file on device &1. (C G)
Optical volume is part of a existing volume set. (C G INZ)
Found unexpected volume on device &1. (C I R)
Load next volume on optical device &1. (C A G)
Volume name list exhausted on device &1. (C "volume name")
Attempted to process past the end of a multi-volume set.
Optical volume contains active files. (C INZ)
Optical device &1 is empty. (C G)
Optical device &1 is full.
Unsupported or insufficient configuration on optical device &1.
Data displayed may not be current.
&1 does not represent a valid optical device.
Invalid parameters specified.
Operation not supported to optical volume.
Operation not supported to optical volume.
Optical device &1 in use.
Place optical cartridge into input/output station (C R).
Problem found with input/output station (C R).
Remove cartridge ignoring media error (C I).
Media or device error occurred.
Buffer overflow occurred.
Error occurred reading files or directories.
Write operation not valid for device &1.
Device &1 not allowed for requested operation.
Device &1 is not an optical media library.
Optical device &1 is empty.
Feature not installed for optical device &1.
Error accessing bulk load magazine for optical device &1.
Bulk load magazine is empty for optical device &1.
Bulk load magazine is full for optical device &1.
Bulk load magazine is open for optical device &1.
Back door is open for optical device &1.
An active optical device was not found.
Stream file object too large for this operation.
Optical library device &1 is at or nearing capacity.
Cleaning of optical device or volume may be required.
Error addressing command parameter.
Input data buffer not valid.
Error reading media during sector read.
Error during sector read.
Objects not saved or restored for file system QOPT.
Object not saved or restored, &2.
Active files found on volume &1. (C I)
Operation not supported to optical volume &1.
Not authorized to save or restore optical volume &1.
Volume &1 already initialized.
Obj - New Path Name parameter value not allowed.
Error occurred while updating the optical volume index for volume &1.
Security attributes not preserved for existing object.
Operation not allowed or conflicts with another request.
Error accessing directory attributes.
Operation failed.
System is not enabled for this function.
Error accessing optical volume index file.
Error accessing optical directory index file.
Input not valid for function requested.
Unexpected error occurred.
Internal program error occurred.
Internal program error occurred.
Internal error occurred on optical device &1.
Error occurred on optical device &1.
Optical indexes are incorrect for optical device &1.
Request to optical device &1 failed.
No device description configured for resource &1.
No active device description for resource &1.
Optical libraries need to be reclaimed.
Insufficient allocated and operational optical drives.
Optical request timed out or was cancelled.
Not authorized to optical device &1.
Command &2 is not allowed for optical volume.
Command &2 is not allowed for optical volume.
Request failed.
A problem has occurred during volume, directory or file name translation.
An error occurred during path name translation.
Optical directory index is being built for volume &1.
Operation in progress, please wait.
Building list for &1 files, please wait.
Unable to display all requested files.
Unable to display all requested directories.
&1 files copied; &2 files or directories failed; &8 files not eligible to copy.
&1 files copied; &2 files failed; &8 files not eligible to copy.
Source and target parameters cannot be the same.
Copy request ended abnormally. &1 files copied.
No files found in directory.
Directory path length too long.
TOVOL on opposite side of FROMVOL.
Copy request is not allowed.
Copy not permitted from backup volume.
Copy not permitted to backup volume.
Copy not permitted to or from backup volume.
File failed to copy.
Copying directory &2.
Directory processed. &1 files copied; &2 files failed; &8 files not eligible to copy.
Error occurred processing directory. &1 files copied; &2 files failed.
Copy to backup not allowed for optical volumes specified.
TOVOL on opposite side of FROMVOL
Error during Convert Optical Backup.
COPYTYPE value *SYSTEM was used instead of *IOP.
Error accessing backup control file.
The duplicate optical volume request from optical volume &1 to optical volume &2 was successful.
Check Optical Volume completed. &2 damaged files were found.
Duplicate Optical completed. &3 files were not duplicated.
Damaged file found. File is &3.
Damaged file found. File is &2.
The duplicate optical volume request from optical volume &1 to optical volume &2 failed.
The check optical volume request for optical volume &1 failed.
Optical index entry created for volume &2.
Optical volume &1 is marked *REMOVED.
Volume &1 not found in optical index.
Reclaim Optical completed successfully for optical device &1.
Reclaim optical partially successful for optical media library &1.
Reclaim Optical failed for optical device &1.
Reclaim Optical completed successfully for volume &1.
Reclaim Optical partially successful for volume &1.
Reclaim Optical failed for volume &1.
Duplicate volume name found during operation.
Reclaim Optical in progress for volume &1. Volume &2 of &3.
Reclaim optical in progress for optical device &1.
Optical device &1 in use.
Optical volume &1 in use.
Optical index inconsistency, reclaim optical required.
Optical index files are damaged.
Error occurred during reclaim optical processing while accessing volume &1.
Error occurred while reading volume directory for volume &1.
Error occurred while updating the optical volume index for volume &1.
Error occurred while creating the optical directory index for volume &1.
Internal system object in use.
Internal system object in use.
Optical index files are in use
Authorization list &1 for volume &2 was not found.
Not authorized to optical volume &2.
Not authorized to file or directory.
Not authorized to file or directory. (C G)
Unable to secure volume with authorization list specified.
Not authorized to object. Object is &2.
Request to initialize optical volume &1 is not permitted.
Optical Support
Exit program &2 not found.
Incorrect user exit control value specified.
Registration facility is currently in use. (C R)
Optical server 3995 function failed.
Optical server's communications manager failed.
Optical server's object manager function failed.
HFS/API command not supported for volume in remote optical server.
File attributes are not allowed.
Parameters not allowed.
Optical volume found in remote optical server.
Optical server support is not active.
Not authorized to destination &1.
Remote optical server volume list rebuild failed.
Display volume details failed.
Duplicate volume name.
File handle no longer valid.
Optical copy stream file failed.
Bad data buffer.
Volume is write protected.
Media or device error occurred.
Copy or move file not allowed between different optical device types.
ADDOPTSVR or RMVOPTSVR is in progress.
Close file failed.
Volume List for destination &1 failed.
Exceeded maximum number of optical servers.
Optical server &1 not found.
No server can be specified when special value *ALL is used.
Active conversations found for server &1.
User not authorized to object &2 in library &3 type &4.
Error occurred while writing data to optical device.

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