consolut Credit Rating Analysis

The consolut Credit Rating Analysis is an add-on module for the SAP financial accounting software. It lets you assess your customers or business partners based on their credit rating.


  • How well do you know your customers?
  • Are you looking for a highly accurate assessment of their credit rating?
  • Would you rather not rely on credit agencies?
  • Are you aware that you have a lot of information on your customers’ credit rating right there in your databanks?
  • Do you want to use this data instead of letting it go to waste?        


If you answered “yes” to the above, then the consolut Credit Rating Analysis is the right tool for you. Find out why!  

Credit rating & rating groups

  • Every customer can be analyzed and assigned a credit rating.
  • With a selection according to company codes, control accounts or customers, you can set up evaluation areas in the form of rating groups.  

Basis of analysis

  • The credit rating is calculated primarily based on the customer’s sales volume and payment performance.
  • In addition, you can generate events, such as return debit memos or insolvencies, automatically or manually to factor them into the credit rating calculation.
  • Existing events can be blocked and thereby disregarded in the credit rating analysis.  


  • External information from credit agencies can be integrated via interfaces and then defined as events that affect the credit rating.
  • The rating and assessment results are made available via an interface and can then be used for process steps like delivery blocks or order acceptances.

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