consolut Setup SSO

SAP users without Password Problems

Are you using several SAP systems? Do you change your passwords regularly? Do you need a lot of support in password administration? Your users are tired of constantly assigning new and different passwords for the various systems?

Our Solution: The consolut Setup SSO

Direct access to all SAP systems with a single login!

Our Skills

consolut has extensive experience with the SAP Single Sign-On: We have already implemented the solution successfully for many customers, and we use it in our own SAP systems.

Your Benefits

  • No password chaos, especially if several SAP systems are used and passwords are changed regularly
  • Less administration work for your SAP support team
  • Satisfied users that can log onto the SAP system without problems and work more efficiently

Functionality of the consolut Setup SSO

The login procedure for SAP systems is based on the Kerberos authentication protocol in the Windows domain. Once the user has logged in, this authentication is automatically applied to the SAP systems as well.

With the SAP Single Sign-On, users no longer need a separate SAP password. They must, however, first authenticate themselves successfully to the Windows domain.


  • Parallel assignment of SAP passwords, especially for SAP-CCC staff
  • Fingerprint authentication

Our Services

We will analyze your Windows ADS domain environments with you to find out where a Kerberos SAP certification makes sense.

We will then use Kerberos to integrate all SAP servers as "computers" into the selected domain if they are not integrated already. Next, the SAP logon entries are adapted so that every user receives an entry for logon with a password and an entry for logon with the SSO. Finally, we will configure the SSO in a sample system and test it in this system with some of your users.

See for yourself and decide if you want to introduce the SAP Single Sign-On in your production system.

We will be happy to show you how you can change your entire system to SSO.

We offer the following options for the implementation of the SAP Single Sign-On:

  • We implement the solution for you
  • We implement the solution in your system together with your staff
  • We train your staff to implement the SAP Single Sign-On on their own

You can find the product sheet for download in PDF format  here.

You can find the product sheet for download in PDF Format here:

 consolut Setup SSO